Simple WordPress Post Feed

Simple WordPress Post Feed

The Simple WordPress Post Feed app helps you to display a WordPress post feed on your Shopify frontpage using the theme customizer.

  1. Install app
  2. Display app section in theme
  3. Customizing app

Install App

App will autoinstall required files on the first activation. You can re-install files manually by going to the settings page and click the update button.

Display App Section in theme

  1. In Shopify Admin click Online Store under [SALES CHANNELS] and then open them customizer.
  2. Click +Add Section
  3. Under CUSTOM CONTENT select Simple WordPress Post Feed and click Add.

App Section Settings

Once added you can customize with the section settings to suit your needs. Simply enter the URL to the WordPress site you wish to display posts from.

Display posts from a single category

To display posts from a single category you will need to enter the ID number for that category. WordPress does not by default display this ID’s in wp-admin. We recommend using a free plugin like Show IDs by Robot 99 Link. Once installed navigate to Posts > Categories and the ID will be visible.


The App should out of the box work with any website running WordPress. Make sure your WordPress is up to date and that your public API is not turned off ( it’s enabled by default ), and CORS is enabled. You can enable CORS with the following plugin

For further troubleshooting please visit Troubleshooting