Better Related Blog Posts

Display Better Related Blog Posts in your Shopify stores blog and improve user experience, SEO

Better SEO

Better Related Blogs App for Shopify helps you create valuable internal linking that will result in impacting your whole stores SEO positive

User Experience

Better Related Blogs for Shopify is better that standard theme built in solutions at recommending relevant content for your shoppers resulting in a better UX

Lightning Fast

Built with cutting edge technologies Better Related Blog Posts for Shopify will not slow down your page loading, rather it will improve the speed compared to build in solutions

Boost Engagement with Better Related Blog Posts

Recommend similar blog posts of yours at the end of each blog posts. This is a proven way of increasing engagement and retention that in return will result in more sales.

Boost SEO

  • Creates quality internal links that boost SEO
  • Improves indexing times in Search engines
  • Lazy loading of images for improved speed.
  • Built with Mobile-first approach
  • Automatically ad image alt and link title tags to optimize how images rank on Search engines.

As the funder of a top-rated search engine optimization company, I guarantee this plugin will boost your whole sites SEO.

Complete Customization

Better Related Blog Posts app has full customization option

  • Choose from 3 designs
  • Set number of posts to display
  • Option to display Author, Date, Comments u0026amp; Read more button
  • Set widget Title u0026amp; Description
  • Set maximum length on Title u0026amp; Description text
  • Choose what blogs to display on
  • Exclude posts by tag

And much more!

Better Related Blogs FAQ

If you running into issues please check frequent questions and answers first. If you can’t find you solution here then reach out to our support on our contact page that you find link to in the footer

Widget not showing up

Please use the autoinstall function on the application. If that would not solve your issue please reach out to our support and we help you fixing the issue.

Layout looks weird with my store theme

If you are not able to solve the problem yourself using custom CSS, please reach out to our support and we will be more than happy to help you correct the issue

I would like to request another layout design

Please reach out to our support with your request and we will try to make it a reality

Can i display Better Related Blogs on other pages than single blog posts?

At this moment it’s not possible. However it will soon be and we will let everyone that subscribe to our newsletter about it once it’s possible

Where can i find Better Related Blog Posts Private Policy

Your find Better Related Blog Posts Private Policy here