Eye Catching

Showcase your brands, logos & products with style

Plug & Play

Once you installed the application go to your theme customizer and add the Eye Catching section

Dynamic Layouts

See in real-time how your layout and design changes when you tweak settings in the Shopify storefront customizer

Dynamic sections

Eye Catching uses the new dynamic section function allowing you to simply drag and drop to position it.

Showcase Brands, Logos & Products with style

The “Eye Catching” app allows you with ease to add any type of images and link them to any product or content on your Shopify store – Add logotypes/product images directly from the theme customizer – Link to any product or content on your shop

Easy to customize

  • Set the speed
  • Set the % opacity level
  • Set the % of black & white on images
  • Turn off back & white
  • Turn off opacity
  • Control how it will look on mobile
  • Set the height of the section

Performance & Search Engine friendly

  • Built with modern technologies to allow for a great user experience while supplying maximum performance.
  • Support the latest native chrome technologies for lazy loading images.
  • Fully compatible with search engines

Eye Catching FAQ

If you running into issues please check frequent questions and answers first. If you can’t find the solution here then reach out to our support on our contact page that you find a link to in the footer

I want the images with color

  • To always show images with color simply change the Black & White settings in the section settings.
  • To display color only on hover, check the color box in sections settings

How to update application

In your Shopify store click Apps in the left menu and in the applications list select the Eye catching app. Once the app has loaded scroll down to the update section, if there is a newer version available you can update it by clicking the update button, DONE!

I would like to request another function

Please reach out to our support with your request and we will try to make it a reality

Where can i find Eye Catching Private Policy

You find the private policy here